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This is an exercise in political absurdity

“Podramos estar causando ansiedad y estrs innecesarios si resulta que no van a tener [la enfermedad] despus de todo”, dijo Beggs. La previsin gentica incorrecta tambin podra dar lugar a pruebas mdicas innecesarias, lo que tendra un impacto econmico y podra implicar un riesgo mdico. Por ejemplo, un mdico podra solicitar una biopsia y el paciente podra tener una respuesta negativa a la anestesia o al procedimiento..

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Diagnosis: an ulcer that went all the way to his retina, probably caused by getting shampoo in his eye. Lucky me, a veterinary ophthalmologist from Jacksonville happened to be at the clinic for the week end and he performed emergency eye surgery that night. (This vet or his partner comes to Pensacola every third week end.) Cost: over $1,000 a shock to my system, but he saved Ian’s eye..

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