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Arsenal have done it again, claiming the FA Cup by toppling arch rivals Chelsea 2 1 inside an empty Wembley Stadium.The quiet and ghost like scenes inside the stadium were far from what was unfolding for Arsenal fans out in the streets as the scores of people celebrated in wild fashion.Watch Arsenal v Chelsea in the Emirates FA Cup Final LIVE with ESPN on Kayo. New to Kayo? Get your 14 day free trial start streaming instantly >Chelsea got the party started in the opening minutes when Chrstian Pulisic netted a brilliant finish. From there however things went from bad to worse for the men in blue.The Gunners took full advantage and behind their superstar captain, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, they pulled off the stunning come from behind victory.A penalty goal in the first half saw the teams enter the break tied up at 1 1, before Aubameyang sealed the victory by finishing off a stunning passage of play with some individual brilliance.A confused Aubameyang grabbed the trophy off the plinth, after several attempts and began to walk back to his awaiting teammates for the pitchside celebrations.But as they eagerly awaited the trophy to be hoisted aloft, Aubameyang dropped the famous cup onto the turf, leaving his teammates looking on in shock.Thankfully the trophy was in tact and the team quickly lifted it up and kicked off the celebrations of their stunning FA Cup victory.It makes it two times in the past three years where Arsenal have toppled Chelsea in the final, having won the Cup back in 2017 with the exact same scoreline.

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