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Actually, I have had a complete 180. But when I had my own money, I started buying stuff and I started using credit cards and I had an income and I was able to still save a little bit of money. I got started with buying a whole bunch of stuff and I was on that path for about 25 years..

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I not going to any alpaca farms today because as I write this, I in Greenwich, CT., on the banks of the harbor at the Delamar Harbor hotel. Yesterday, my cousin Gwenn got married in Bedford, NY, in the same church where John Jay, a governor of NY and the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, was a member and worshipped for many years. Gwenn and her mom, my aunt, Lauretta, love antique things, and the church suited them perfectly.

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One study conducted after comedian Robin Williams tragically took his life in 2014 showed that in the months following his death, there was an increase in suicides of almost 10 percent. Another copycat effect was seen after the suicide of movie star Marilyn Monroe. During the month of her death in August 1962, there was a 12 percent increase in suicides.

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