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” Human Resources student Keishera Davis added

Newton’s arrival in New England follows Tom Brady’s decision to leave the Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason. Brady has already donned his new Buccaneers threads for a photoshoot. Surely, the Patriots are going to skip a photoshoot with Newton, if only because New England doesn’t typically like drumming up fanfare on free agent signings.

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Many times this leads to teams joining in causing all out war. Pucks are fired like rockets of a tank and tear apart anyone unlucky enough to be in their path. It looks like a jungle of ferocious beasts battling without thought. OOC: I probably not be around posting images for some days. My laptop died or rather, so did its graphics, fittingly enough while playing Skyrim. I spent the last two days trying to make it work again, finally taking it to a repair shop today where they told me they can fix it..

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