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This argument is, I think, a bit too clever for its own good. Seen this way, the Montana ruling looks uncomfortably like a segregated Southern town shutting down its public swimming pool rather than allowing it to become integrated. Technically, closing the pool leaves no discrimination in place, since no one, Black or White, can swim.

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You got to shut down, your revenue comes to a trickle, he said. Are significant employment and labour issues. You got people that you like to employ, but you got nothing for them to do, and you don have revenue coming in to support their paycheques.

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cheap nba basketball jerseys A friend said, “They not going to have any good Thai restaurants in Cleveland.” I took her to Ty Fun in Tremont. She actually approved of it. I a night owl. Removing Confederate monuments is a noble gesture, I guess. But what about the slave owners whose faces are on our money? How do we reckon with that? A company statement of support for Black Lives Matter is cool. But what about the decades of discrimination and pay inequities at that same company? The random cash white people are Venmoing to us is awesome cheap nba basketball jerseys.

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