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And the Tragically Hip have always been linemates

There was no obvious trigger. He acted like a different dog and then came back to himself. We continued training. Hated every other team and every other athlete that wasn the Boston Bruins, said longtime friend and fellow musician Dave Bidini. Was incorrigible. And the Tragically Hip have always been linemates, if you will.

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In Dean mind, Mary represented the better times, she represented Dean childhood, his innocence, and his happiness. She was his home. Her death robbed him of everything he had and as a child he idolized her to cope with the harsh, stark realities of his life..

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ROSE: Well, some people, like Aimara, think that that is a waste of money, that we already have, you know, nearly 700 miles of wall and fencing. But there are definitely people who support the president and want to see that expanded. I talked to Michael and Donna White of Yuma.

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