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Also I was part of the original backward

This piece is one part of our How Philly Stacks Up article. That I’m shooting myself in the foot. (Looking a gift horse in the mouth? Biting the hand that feeds?) As the food editor of this magazine, I fully realize the counter intuitiveness of this take.

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With Eric Boulton and Zbynek Michalek in front on a screen, the puck sails to the far side and beats Fleury on the shoulder side. We have no idea how Fleury could have seen that shot Alexander Burmistrov and Anthony Stewart get assists. Thrashers 1 0..

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The truth of the matter is it only takes one incident to jeopardize the trust our Community has in us and that is why we must repeatedly demonstrate that we can be trusted. I have the utmost faith and confidence in you all, that you will do the right things, the right way, for the right reasons, at the right time. Please seek out every opportunity you can to solidify our trusted position within our Community..

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