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31, at Carson Tahoe Hospital

10. Toronto Maple Leafs: There’s no denying that the Leafs end of season run last year was impressive, but to consider them a playoff team because of a couple of months of solid play wouldn’t be realistic. The Leafs season is one big IF. That when (Terrance) Knighton was on the team and Anthony Johnson and Martellus (Bennett), and it was just fun, man. I never been around so many older dudes that were so young, you know? And one of the main things that I learned was just how to be a pro. Would laugh in the locker room and decompress when we not doing football stuff, but when we were in football everybody thinks it like the military we were locked and loaded.

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I can remember sitting in my seat and watching the players in awe. I knew nothing about hockey, at least not ice hockey. I only ever seen inline hockey games. A very huge, long overdue thank you to the first responders (Derek, the phlebotomist; Ramona, the nurse; and Peggy making the Blue call) and especially to Dr. De Schutter and his emergency room team for saving my husband life from cardiac arrest on Jan. 31, at Carson Tahoe Hospital.

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